Monday, April 5, 2010

Time Flies

I know I shouldn't complain considering I skipped all my Thursday classes and created a 5 day weekend for myself, but this break was way too short. Easter break totally flew by. I guess it's true what they say..."Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun!"

Ben and I ended up not going to the Pat Green concert, but Saturday was still soo fun. I watched him play tennis with Jason for a bit when I got to Denton and then after he cleaned up, we headed to lunch and apartment hunting....ah soo exciting!! I absolutely loved the place we looked at. We got to see a 2 BR 2 Bath and a 1 BR 1 Bath. Of course we fell in love with the 2 BR, but had a fabulous discussion on the ride home about how much we could save by just getting a 1 BR. How weird is it that we are talking about saving for our future and how we would both like to put money away for college tuition?! I'll answer that...WEIRD!! Don't get me wrong, it is soo incredibly exciting, but I just can't believe I was looking at apartments to live with a boy. I'll keep you updated after the big day on how I'm adjusting! :)

After the apartment hunting we made the executive decision to not go to Winstar for the Pat Green concert. We've both seen him, we didn't really feel like driving, we hadn't paid for tickets and the Final Four was on. Instead we grilled out at a friends house, watched the game and Ben and his boys showed me the night life in Denton. I really had a lot of fun! I've probably said this before, but I love that I can totally be myself around all of Ben's friends and I genuinely feel like they're my friends too. I was just one of the guys...watchin bball, having a bruskey and shootin pool. I didn't really shoot pool, I just cheered on and heckled!

EASTER SUNDAY!! The Easter Bunny visited and I got some fabulous kitchen essentials for cooking for my future husband. Woo hoo!! I went with Ben's family to church at The Village (Denton campus) and then to the Country Club for brunch. Yumm!! I was in kind of a food funk and nothing sounded good, but after a good fruit plate, I decided on some cold shrimp. I love shrimp!! After brunch, Ben and I headed over to my oldest sister, Katie's, house for the big Easter Egg Hunt. We had 5 kids participating and it was soo cute and fun!

She's only 14 months, but she got the concept pretty quick

After the hunt, all the older kids counted their eggs and the money that they found and then made sure everyone knew who won. 

I always help Lauren count and she is super cute! Don't worry I had a cuter Easter outfit, but it got a bit chilly outside. 
This is just me and Annie chillin...I love her!!

Since I didn't eat dessert at the Country Club, Ben and I split a good variety of desserts after the hunt. Our plate consisted of some lemon, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate pie and banana pudding. MMM MMM!! 

We headed back to my house pretty soon after the hunt because the little ones needed to get their naps. Just so happens the older ones needed our naps too. I am definitely not a nap taker, but when Ben and I got back to my parent's house we sat down on the couch to watch some basketball and were out pretty quick. It was much needed and I should definitely let myself do this more often. My body felt rejuvenated and refreshed. 

After Ben left, my mom and I went on a fabulous, hilly, 2-mile walk and talked wedding and such. I worked up a good sweat and felt much better after the Easter desserts. Plus, I love getting to talk wedding with my mom when I'm in town. It's good to get advice and hear someone's approval since I'm planning from out of town. I got some much needed work done while watching the Baylor women's game, but was not looking forward to heading back to Waco. 

I had another interview this morning with a health and wellness company, so I started off the morning with a fabulous breakfast to get me ready and give me plenty of energy. 

Yes, my breakfast was on a Lion King plate. My little sister was obsessed so we had a lot of Lion King stuff. I love this plate! My breakfast was an english muffin with an egg beater egg white. The egg whites were super fluffy this morning and extra delicious. It hit the spot! 

I got a free green tea and protein shake at my interview and they were both delicious. I chose the Blueberry Muffin shake and waited til after the interview was over to drink it so I would have something for lunch on my drive back. I slurped it down like a milkshake! 

Skip to dinner...after a fabulous workout at the SLC--I think the heat was up because I sweat like no other--I headed home to finish unloading my car. By the time everything was put away I was ready for some food. 

I put some fat-free refried beans in a skillet and added in a string cheese cut up. Then I put it all on a flat out wheat wrap to make a yummy burrito. It was delish! I should probably start doing some homework for tomorrow but I procrastinated while watching the new season premiere of TORI & DEAN!! I am obsessed! 

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