Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is It May 15th Yet?

Holy Moly, I am so tired of writing papers. I am ready to be a college graduate. Today was work work work/try and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. I woke up this morning for the first time at 7:30. I'm not sure whether it's my body just knowing that I wake up then every morning or the boys next door revving their truck engines. Since my fiance is an AVID hunter, I am very aware that it is turkey season right now and just assumed they were leaving to hunt them turkey. I went back to bed after rolling my eyes and woke up again at 9:30. MUCH BETTER! I was craving some pancakes. I peeked out the window and saw that the sun was shining and desperately wished I had a wrap around porch to sit on and enjoy breakfast. I made do--
Yes, I am sitting on my step eating my pancakes and reading Real Simple. 
These pancakes were great...kind of chewy, but really good. (Whole wheat flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and almond milk)

The sunshine inspired me to go for a run. As always, my ipod wasn't charged so I had to wait while it charged a bit. When I finally hit the pavement it was kind of cloudy...bummer. Thankfully, the sun was in and out during my run. Plus, my girl Carrie Underwood made it all good. I forgot how much I love listening to her while I run. Those angry songs give a good beat! 

3.4 miles later I was hungry. I made a good salad for lunch in between laundry loads and then headed straight for CG to get some work done. I looked at my schedule and I have a research paper, a debate, a persuasive speech, and 2 presentations this week. EEK!! 

I packed an apple and purchased a very large pineapple guava tea to power me through the writing. So something a little odd happened to me when I sat down...the guy next to me said, "I know this might be weird, but can I have one of your apple slices?" No stranger in a coffee shop has ever asked me to share my apple slices. I was caught a little off-guard, so I cheerfully said yes. Still think it's just a little different. Oh well. 

After some intense school work, I took a break to mail more save-the-dates and grab a pure protein bar. I was pretty burnt out on homework and the weather was still so beautiful, so I went on another quick run. Just a lap around the bear trail (2.33 miles). Then it was more laundry and some L.A. Ink. This might be one of my new favorite shows. I've never watched it before but loved it! I will be looking for the next time it's on. 

After laying down for a bit to get some rest and feeling a little sorry for myself because I missed Ben, I got up and made myself some dinner. I have been craving chinese food soo bad lately for some reason. Not usually my thing at all, but Pei Wei has sounded so good. Since I'm trying to save money, I made my own chinese food. 

I whipped up some Teryaki Chicken w/ broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and sweet onion. It was delicious and light. Hit the Spot! Soon after, Amy and Sadie wanted to get together so we all went on a wonderful walk. It was a beautiful night for a walk around campus. Kind of windy, but I didn't even notice because the company was so fabulous! All the exercise and good company helped motivate me to be extremely productive tonight. I just knocked out a good chunk of my research paper and may or may not have eaten more chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow shouldn't be too bad...still not ideal, but I'll survive. 

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