Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Really Reality

So, who watched the Bachelorette on Monday night?? I DID I DID!!!! Last summer I religiously watched Jillian with my summer roomie in San Antonio, this year I religiously watched Jake with all my girlfriends at Baylor, and both seasons we had soo much fun, but I always hated missing out on the Clark's Monday night parties. I finally get to join in now that I am officially in Dallas!

I made homemade salsa for the first time and it was a hit and we made a fabulous fajita feast. I am a sucker for chips and salsa. I could seriously eat them all day long. Then, I made my Nutella Brownies and we all sat down for the big show....

OK, I know all guys think she's just the hottest thing to ever grace the show, but although I do think she's cute, I did not like Ali's new look. I loved how natural she was last season. Little make-up, always messed up hair and just all around simple, but this season she's too done up. Hair = yellow... Dress was just not her... and the throw head back laugh just all seems too fake. Now onto the boys...

Did anyone else think there was a shortage of attractive men on this show?!?! Doesn't she get a little bit of a say who is on the show? I'm not sure about her taste. 

Frank: cute and his name totally goes with his glasses. He just seems         like a good guy with a good personality. 

Derrick, aka "Shooter," seriously??? 


Chris L: I liked him from the beginning. Like before they even showed him. Love that he's from Cape Cod and totally respect the fact that he's waiting to tell her about his mom. 

Last but CERTAINLY not least....

Roberto!: Could his smile be any prettier?!?! I think he might be my favorite. He is super nice and seems very very genuine. Right now, I'm rooting for him!

The party was soo fun and I cannot wait til next week. Apparently I have to work on my just watching, not talking abilities. I got in trouble a few times because I just can't stop talking during the show. It's just soo do you not comment on the awkwardness/cheesiness of everything?! There's no way I could be the Bachelorette. All those pick-up lines, I would just laugh. 

Although I totally love this show and all the drama that happens, it is soo not reality. I get soo irritated with all the guys talking about how they just like Ali soo much and they wanted a rose soo bad...they hadn't even met her. I mean some of the guys practically cried that didn't get a rose. Did they feel a bond with her or something? It's totally just a competition. They just want to win the prize and the prize is Ali. It is not reality and that is definitely not how love happens. OK, enough of my soap box. I can't wait til next week!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Announcement...

Man I'm just full of fun announcements lately. I would say that life is pretty exciting these days and I am loving it! I will probably remember more announcements later, but for now this will be my final one. I happen to think it's one of the most exciting....dun dun dun dun.....MY WEDDING DRESS IS NOW AT HOME!!!!

I wish I could post a picture of it, but we can't let Ben see it. He has been asking to since the day I told him I found it. Anyway, I only had to have 2 fittings and then got to bring it home. All they had to do was hem the bottom, the rest fit perfectly. I am so excited to have it home and schedule my bridal portraits now. The big day is getting so close and I am soo ready!!

Maybe one of the most exciting parts about last Monday (when I got to bring it home), was that a local news channel, Channel 33, asked me to be a part of a story they were doing. One of the news anchors came out to the bridal salon and interviewed me in my dress. The story was on all these new websites that have come up where newlyweds can go to find a partner to cheat on their spouse. Until she informed me about the story I had never heard about this, but it makes me soo sad/mad. Her side of the story was to show that there are still people who marry to be married for the rest of their lives and be completely faithful to one person. Also she just wanted to hear about my excitement for the big day. I was pretty excited to be part of the other side of the story. I still cannot believe those types of websites exist. Why get married if you just want to cheat?? I'll never understand it.

Since I can't show you pictures of my wedding dress, here are some pictures from the wedding I went to this weekend. Meg, my roommate freshman and sophomore year, got married to her high school sweetheart, Cole. I absolutely adore these two and Ben and I had such a great time at the wedding. It was a fun trip back to Waco. Plus, we got all moved out and I officially live in Dallas!

Ben and I enjoying the beautiful reception. 

I got to catch up with fabulous friends. I miss being around everyone in Waco. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cole Robinson!!!

Me and the beautiful bride! Miss you Meggers!

Sophomore year roomies :) 

My roomie last summer...we have soo much fun together!!

This was the first of many weddings this summer. After going to Meg and Cole's, I am even more ready for Ben and my big day... 47 days to go!! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Announcement #2

This is the logo of my new employer...that's right...I am gainfully employed!!!! I am so so so excited about working for Delicious Cakes. My official title is the "Sales and Wedding Consultant." From what I understand, I will be calling on brides that we have been in contact with at bridal shows and getting them in for their cake testings. I will do their cake testings with them and help them come up with their dream cake as well as do lots of other fun things in the bakery. This job is seriously a dream come true!! I could not ask for a better boss...I seriously cannot say enough good things about the people at Delicious Cakes...not to mention, their cakes are incredible! It is my absolute dream to have a bakery one day and this is such a cool opportunity. I cannot wait to start!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Run Down Memory Lane

While I've been completely MIA, a lot of things have happened. The title definitely refers to the fact that I am going to catch you up, but also to my fabulous run tonight. Every year I go with my dad to the Shreveport-Bossier Captains Home Opener and the day game the next day. We left yesterday and got back this evening just in time for dinner. We had an absolute blast and to make it even better, the Captains won both games!

I love baseball!!
This is my stud of a father saying the prayer before the game. I love him too!!

After a long ride home in the car, I needed to give my legs a good stretch. After dinner I took a nice run and completely winged it with my route. I ended up running through my old neighborhood and my elementary school. I've been totally sentimental lately and I loved the scenery. Now onto the reason I'm so sentimental....

Announcement #1-- I'M A COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!!!

That's me about to accept my diploma! 

Who would have thought it would ever happen?! I graduated from Baylor University on Saturday. I survived! I'm exaggerating, but if you don't know anything about my college career, it hasn't been the smoothest road. I have loved every bit of it, but I kind of loaded myself down every semester, particularly this last one. I finished strong though and now officially have a Bachelor of Business Administration, Sports, Sponsorships and Sales. It feels so weird to be done with school. I keep thinking that I need to go check Blackboard and look up my assignments. Nope, there are none! Woo hoo!! May 15, 2010, was a great day of celebration with my family.

Me and the rents with my niece, Annie. Thanks for paying my way through college! :)
All the Baylor grads...started with my brother-in-law, David (on the far right), then Katie, Christie, Taylor, Ben and now me! 


The whole gang...we just keep growing! 

Because I want to keep you hanging and if I kept making all of my announcements this post would be forever long, I am going to make the second announcement tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

Wait more announcement...the Captains have the best concessions EVER!! I won't bore you with the entire menu, but I will show you the best ice cream cone you can get. This is the pineapple whip you can get at the State Fair...yes, they sell it at the games. DELISH! And you totally get your money's worth. I actually had to scrape some off because I couldn't finish it. Holy Yum! 

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I mean seriously... is there anything better?! Mom's are like superheroes. They know all, see all, heal all, they have all the advice you could ever need and an ever-present shoulder to cry on. My mom is extra super fabulous because she has to deal with a pretty crazy bunch.

She's got a whole lot to handle. Four rambunctious daughters, one mischievous husband, two hysterical son-in-laws and one more coming this summer, two sweet girls who started living with us last summer, and one adorable granddaughter. Plus, she gets all that comes with each and every one of us. To say that she's a rockstar doesn't even do her justice. We all love her very much and I'm so sad I didn't get to go home today. Thank goodness I am officially finished (graduation on Saturday) and will be moving back home until the wedding! We will get lots of quality time together...I can't wait!! 

I also wanna give a shout out to two other very fabulous mothers in my life.

My oldest sister, Katie, who is not only the mother of the most adorable little girl in the world (I might be bias), but has also acted as the mother hen to all of us girls as well. I'm so excited that in a couple of weeks she will be able to spend all day everyday with sweet Annie and I will be in the same city to visit!

Shout out #2 goes to my new mother-in-law (soon), Karen. I am soo soo soo excited to be a part of the Clark family and could not ask for a better mother-in-law. We have so much fun together and I feel so at home at their house. Not to mention, she brought up a pretty amazing son and a fabulous daughter as well. 

I am so thankful for all the moms in my life. Thank you for everything!! 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Celeb Treatment

Over the past 2 weeks I have totally felt like a celebrity at all of my showers. After the oh-so-fabulous couple's shower, my mom and sisters threw me a shower on May 1st followed by a Baylor shower on May 4th. I know I know... I have been completely spoiled! I won't complain.

1st up, Dallas shower thrown by my mom and sisters---
So thankful for amazing friends! 

Can you believe these cupcakes?! My sister made them!

My sweet Mamaw made me kitchen towels in 1993. 

Most adorable flower girl EVER!

The girls of the fam minus my little sister, Martie. 

This was such a fun shower. I was seriously opening gifts for an hour solid. Wow! Where are Ben and I gonna put everything?! We had so much fun and I was so happy to see so many people that I have grown up with. I wish we could have these little parties all the time just to catch up with everyone!

Next, Baylor shower---

All of my hostesses and me...we did not plan on all matching. 
So excited about cooking yummy sweet potato fries!

Super pumped about my new vaccuum!! I wish I could explain my current one to you. Think 1975...major workout to push and squeaks like crazy. 

This is when the questions began...Megan had asked Ben questions the night before and then she asked me and we were hoping they matched. Have I mentioned that my friends like to make me feel awkward?

Ben doesn't hold anything back, so I got a little embarrassed at some of his answers! The game was super fun though and it was really fun for me to hear that Ben and I answered some of the questions with the exact same response. I was literally smiling all day afterwards thinking about it. Plus, Meg did impressions of how Ben answered and it was hilarious! 

My moms and I!! I was so thankful that they got to come down for the shower. My mom actually came on Monday night and we got to hang out before. We had a lot of fun and I was pretty sad for her to leave. I don't think I wanted to face the reality of finals. 

In a nut shell, my showers have been a complete success. I have felt so blessed at all of them and could not have asked for better hostesses. I have a break for a while, but next up...lingerie shower. Oh goodness, there's no telling what will happen at this one. Like I said, my friends know I get embarrassed pretty easily. Lets just say I don't see myself posting much about that one. 

I better go if I want to get a workout in before I have to study study study all day long. I have 2 finals tomorrow and I'd like to get the studying out of the way today since I don't have any today and enjoy a night off with friends. Guess what!! I am done with finals forever tomorrow afternoon!! WOW--time flies!