Thursday, May 20, 2010

Announcement #2

This is the logo of my new employer...that's right...I am gainfully employed!!!! I am so so so excited about working for Delicious Cakes. My official title is the "Sales and Wedding Consultant." From what I understand, I will be calling on brides that we have been in contact with at bridal shows and getting them in for their cake testings. I will do their cake testings with them and help them come up with their dream cake as well as do lots of other fun things in the bakery. This job is seriously a dream come true!! I could not ask for a better boss...I seriously cannot say enough good things about the people at Delicious Cakes...not to mention, their cakes are incredible! It is my absolute dream to have a bakery one day and this is such a cool opportunity. I cannot wait to start!!

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