Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Run Down Memory Lane

While I've been completely MIA, a lot of things have happened. The title definitely refers to the fact that I am going to catch you up, but also to my fabulous run tonight. Every year I go with my dad to the Shreveport-Bossier Captains Home Opener and the day game the next day. We left yesterday and got back this evening just in time for dinner. We had an absolute blast and to make it even better, the Captains won both games!

I love baseball!!
This is my stud of a father saying the prayer before the game. I love him too!!

After a long ride home in the car, I needed to give my legs a good stretch. After dinner I took a nice run and completely winged it with my route. I ended up running through my old neighborhood and my elementary school. I've been totally sentimental lately and I loved the scenery. Now onto the reason I'm so sentimental....

Announcement #1-- I'M A COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!!!

That's me about to accept my diploma! 

Who would have thought it would ever happen?! I graduated from Baylor University on Saturday. I survived! I'm exaggerating, but if you don't know anything about my college career, it hasn't been the smoothest road. I have loved every bit of it, but I kind of loaded myself down every semester, particularly this last one. I finished strong though and now officially have a Bachelor of Business Administration, Sports, Sponsorships and Sales. It feels so weird to be done with school. I keep thinking that I need to go check Blackboard and look up my assignments. Nope, there are none! Woo hoo!! May 15, 2010, was a great day of celebration with my family.

Me and the rents with my niece, Annie. Thanks for paying my way through college! :)
All the Baylor grads...started with my brother-in-law, David (on the far right), then Katie, Christie, Taylor, Ben and now me! 


The whole gang...we just keep growing! 

Because I want to keep you hanging and if I kept making all of my announcements this post would be forever long, I am going to make the second announcement tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

Wait more announcement...the Captains have the best concessions EVER!! I won't bore you with the entire menu, but I will show you the best ice cream cone you can get. This is the pineapple whip you can get at the State Fair...yes, they sell it at the games. DELISH! And you totally get your money's worth. I actually had to scrape some off because I couldn't finish it. Holy Yum! 

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