Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Announcement...

Man I'm just full of fun announcements lately. I would say that life is pretty exciting these days and I am loving it! I will probably remember more announcements later, but for now this will be my final one. I happen to think it's one of the most exciting....dun dun dun dun.....MY WEDDING DRESS IS NOW AT HOME!!!!

I wish I could post a picture of it, but we can't let Ben see it. He has been asking to since the day I told him I found it. Anyway, I only had to have 2 fittings and then got to bring it home. All they had to do was hem the bottom, the rest fit perfectly. I am so excited to have it home and schedule my bridal portraits now. The big day is getting so close and I am soo ready!!

Maybe one of the most exciting parts about last Monday (when I got to bring it home), was that a local news channel, Channel 33, asked me to be a part of a story they were doing. One of the news anchors came out to the bridal salon and interviewed me in my dress. The story was on all these new websites that have come up where newlyweds can go to find a partner to cheat on their spouse. Until she informed me about the story I had never heard about this, but it makes me soo sad/mad. Her side of the story was to show that there are still people who marry to be married for the rest of their lives and be completely faithful to one person. Also she just wanted to hear about my excitement for the big day. I was pretty excited to be part of the other side of the story. I still cannot believe those types of websites exist. Why get married if you just want to cheat?? I'll never understand it.

Since I can't show you pictures of my wedding dress, here are some pictures from the wedding I went to this weekend. Meg, my roommate freshman and sophomore year, got married to her high school sweetheart, Cole. I absolutely adore these two and Ben and I had such a great time at the wedding. It was a fun trip back to Waco. Plus, we got all moved out and I officially live in Dallas!

Ben and I enjoying the beautiful reception. 

I got to catch up with fabulous friends. I miss being around everyone in Waco. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cole Robinson!!!

Me and the beautiful bride! Miss you Meggers!

Sophomore year roomies :) 

My roomie last summer...we have soo much fun together!!

This was the first of many weddings this summer. After going to Meg and Cole's, I am even more ready for Ben and my big day... 47 days to go!! 

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