Friday, May 7, 2010

Celeb Treatment

Over the past 2 weeks I have totally felt like a celebrity at all of my showers. After the oh-so-fabulous couple's shower, my mom and sisters threw me a shower on May 1st followed by a Baylor shower on May 4th. I know I know... I have been completely spoiled! I won't complain.

1st up, Dallas shower thrown by my mom and sisters---
So thankful for amazing friends! 

Can you believe these cupcakes?! My sister made them!

My sweet Mamaw made me kitchen towels in 1993. 

Most adorable flower girl EVER!

The girls of the fam minus my little sister, Martie. 

This was such a fun shower. I was seriously opening gifts for an hour solid. Wow! Where are Ben and I gonna put everything?! We had so much fun and I was so happy to see so many people that I have grown up with. I wish we could have these little parties all the time just to catch up with everyone!

Next, Baylor shower---

All of my hostesses and me...we did not plan on all matching. 
So excited about cooking yummy sweet potato fries!

Super pumped about my new vaccuum!! I wish I could explain my current one to you. Think 1975...major workout to push and squeaks like crazy. 

This is when the questions began...Megan had asked Ben questions the night before and then she asked me and we were hoping they matched. Have I mentioned that my friends like to make me feel awkward?

Ben doesn't hold anything back, so I got a little embarrassed at some of his answers! The game was super fun though and it was really fun for me to hear that Ben and I answered some of the questions with the exact same response. I was literally smiling all day afterwards thinking about it. Plus, Meg did impressions of how Ben answered and it was hilarious! 

My moms and I!! I was so thankful that they got to come down for the shower. My mom actually came on Monday night and we got to hang out before. We had a lot of fun and I was pretty sad for her to leave. I don't think I wanted to face the reality of finals. 

In a nut shell, my showers have been a complete success. I have felt so blessed at all of them and could not have asked for better hostesses. I have a break for a while, but next up...lingerie shower. Oh goodness, there's no telling what will happen at this one. Like I said, my friends know I get embarrassed pretty easily. Lets just say I don't see myself posting much about that one. 

I better go if I want to get a workout in before I have to study study study all day long. I have 2 finals tomorrow and I'd like to get the studying out of the way today since I don't have any today and enjoy a night off with friends. Guess what!! I am done with finals forever tomorrow afternoon!! WOW--time flies!

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  1. you are so cute!!! i love your style in all your pics! :)