Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Really Reality

So, who watched the Bachelorette on Monday night?? I DID I DID!!!! Last summer I religiously watched Jillian with my summer roomie in San Antonio, this year I religiously watched Jake with all my girlfriends at Baylor, and both seasons we had soo much fun, but I always hated missing out on the Clark's Monday night parties. I finally get to join in now that I am officially in Dallas!

I made homemade salsa for the first time and it was a hit and we made a fabulous fajita feast. I am a sucker for chips and salsa. I could seriously eat them all day long. Then, I made my Nutella Brownies and we all sat down for the big show....

OK, I know all guys think she's just the hottest thing to ever grace the show, but although I do think she's cute, I did not like Ali's new look. I loved how natural she was last season. Little make-up, always messed up hair and just all around simple, but this season she's too done up. Hair = yellow... Dress was just not her... and the throw head back laugh just all seems too fake. Now onto the boys...

Did anyone else think there was a shortage of attractive men on this show?!?! Doesn't she get a little bit of a say who is on the show? I'm not sure about her taste. 

Frank: cute and his name totally goes with his glasses. He just seems         like a good guy with a good personality. 

Derrick, aka "Shooter," seriously??? 


Chris L: I liked him from the beginning. Like before they even showed him. Love that he's from Cape Cod and totally respect the fact that he's waiting to tell her about his mom. 

Last but CERTAINLY not least....

Roberto!: Could his smile be any prettier?!?! I think he might be my favorite. He is super nice and seems very very genuine. Right now, I'm rooting for him!

The party was soo fun and I cannot wait til next week. Apparently I have to work on my just watching, not talking abilities. I got in trouble a few times because I just can't stop talking during the show. It's just soo do you not comment on the awkwardness/cheesiness of everything?! There's no way I could be the Bachelorette. All those pick-up lines, I would just laugh. 

Although I totally love this show and all the drama that happens, it is soo not reality. I get soo irritated with all the guys talking about how they just like Ali soo much and they wanted a rose soo bad...they hadn't even met her. I mean some of the guys practically cried that didn't get a rose. Did they feel a bond with her or something? It's totally just a competition. They just want to win the prize and the prize is Ali. It is not reality and that is definitely not how love happens. OK, enough of my soap box. I can't wait til next week!!

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  1. I'm not a huge Ali fan either - her fake laugh drives me kind of nuts, but I do think she's cute. I really like Frank, and Roberto is not hard to look at either.