Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marathon Weekend/Blogging Failure

So I'm still learning to become a blogger. I wish my brain would just remember that a blogger needs to remember to TAKE PICTURES!!! I had a fabulous weekend that was jam packed with fun things, but I did not take one single picture. I'm a total failure to the blogging world. Maybe I'll start putting a sticky note on my bathroom mirror or something reminding me to take pictures everyday. Even though I didn't get to take pictures, I still want to tell you all about my weekend. I'll find some kind of pictures that will work.

Friday started off with a much needed yoga class followed my some light cardio on the elliptical. I haven't taken a yoga class in a while...I usually prefer pilates, but after starting up with bodyworks classes again I need some stretching. My hips are soo tight and my whole body hurt all week. Alright, let me just say that my yoga skills are kind of pathetic. Since I don't start my job until next week, I go in the mornings around 9:45 which is also when most moms have dropped their kids off at school and come. I was definitely the youngest person in there and quite possibly the most inflexible. One of the poses (I don't know what it was) actually hurt a lot because of the tightness in my hips. Man, my legs were shaking! The class is worth it though for this little pose....
We end up doing this is most of my classes, but this pose was sent straight from heaven! It feels soo good. I could sit in that position all day! 

The rest of the day consisted of a lot of errands. I helped my mom serve pizza in "Mom's Corner" at our high school during lunch. It was a great place to people watch! Later in the afternoon I got to go up to the hair salon while my mom was finishing up and talk to Anita, the woman who will be doing my hair for the wedding. I'm soo excited to take bridals and try out my hairstyle! Everything is getting here so quickly! My mom and I got in a quick power shopping trip afterwards and I came home with lots of good stuff. We are champion power shoppers!  One of our purchases included these sassy shoes...

I might even come up to Ben's chin with these!

After all the errands were done, I started dinner while my mom got her nails done. It was delicious...I made Orange Chicken and Sesame Chicken, both with veggies and rice. Well, I can't take all the credit...they came from a bag, but I did have to do lots of multi-tasking to prepare all the things at once. You should definitely try one of these dinners if you're ever in a hurry. 
I eyes went straight to the Contessa meals when we realized that she was in the freezer section. We love the Contessa in the Berry household!! I think the Vodka Chicken Penne and the Shrimp Primavera will be the next 2 that I try. These meals don't make you feel like you're eating the typical frozen meal either. They are pretty low in  calories and with all the veggies are great for someone trying to get nutrients on the go. I'm a fan!

I didn't really have big plans for the night, but my best friend from high school, Blair and I decided we wanted to go see Sex and the City 2. A group of us ended up going at 10:30 to the Angelika and had a blast. I love the Angelika, mainly for its location and comfy seats, but the fact that they allow alcohol in the theater and the numerous drunk people in the front row kept things pretty interesting. I know there has been tons of mixed reviews about the movie, but I'm not obsessed with the show or anything, just enjoy watching it occasionally and absolutely loved this movie. The attractive men in the film aren't bad either. I give it 2 thumbs up! Definitely a movie I'll watch again with the girls. 

I probably identify the most with Charlotte, but definitely wish I was more like Carrie. I'd love to be more fearless and daring, especially in fashion. She can pull anything off! 

Saturday I made a quick trip to the gym for a 45 minute elliptical session followed my 10 minutes of random hills on the bike before Ben got to Dallas. I know it probably sounds so lame, but we spent so much time together the week/weekend before that I missed him a TON by the time Saturday rolled around. I was pumped for a day together laying out by the pool. We laid out most of the day with a trip to a couple bookstores thrown in there trying to find the workbook I needed for pre-marital counseling and a trip to Sonic to hydrate and then headed back to Denton for a night with friends. We were both kind of sad because we wanted to go to the Brooks and Dunn concert, but waited too long to get our tickets and didn't want to pay the scalpers price, but then we planned a night at Joe T. Garcia's and Billy Bob's and were super excited, but that ended up falling through too. No worries, we still had a fabulous night...we went to Southlake with Katie, his sister (my almost sister!) and Devin, a friend of Ben's from high school, and ate at Taco Diner. DELICIOUS!! Katie and I were most excited about their green sauce and I had been craving sangria all day. I convinced Katie to get a glass with me, but she didn't like it so I just ended up having 2! :) 

This stuff will seriously change your life! I put it on everything! 

We ended the night with the movie, The Edge of Darkness. It was good, but I was pretty freaked out when I went to bed. It's kind of like Taken, but creepier and more bloody. Not my fave. 

Sunday Ben and I were invited to the Colonial with some friends. We headed out there around 10:30 or 11 and man was it HOT. It was fun walking around and watching though. Morgan and I got in trouble a couple of times for talking too loud when we were supposed to be silent. All the silence is not for me, but I loved watching the golfers. It's just a sport that I am no good at and it amazes me to watch people that are so incredible. My favorite was watching people practice, like when they would just throw balls in the sand traps and chip them out. They were flawless at it! After sweating buckets, we went inside for a little lunch (of course it was freezing inside). It was mostly the usual sports food, nachos, burgers, etc., but they did have a great fresh fruit plate with banana bread that I absolutely devoured. After lunch we decided to follow Rickie Fowler around. He's only 20!

This is a tame outfit. On Saturday he was wearing ALL orange. Orange shirt, pants, shoes, and hat. A little much if you ask me and Morgan and I had a chat with the boys about this. Of course, they thought it didn't matter what you wear if you're that good, but Morgan and I said that if we were that young we would look really sharp so we would be more respected in the golf world and taken a little more seriously. Any thoughts?!

We didn't stay too long after we decided to start our own golf game. The four of us headed over to Denton Country Club and the boys played 12 holes after a bit of a rain delay, while Morgan and I enjoyed the ride in the carts. They finished up about 8 and by that time I was ravenous! We headed up to the restaurant and I enjoyed a fabulous grilled chicken sandwich topped with carmelized onions, mushrooms, and pico de gallo. Definitely one of my new favorite meals and I will be recreating this at home. Ben and I headed back to Dallas late after picking up the smoker for the Memorial Day festivities. 

Monday Before Ben and I headed to the grocery store to pick up all the food, I snuck in a quick workout at the gym. I had to get some cardio in before I partook in all the good eats for Memorial Day! Once we got home, I started on the homemade salsa and avocado and feta dip while Ben got the rub for the ribs ready. Ben is the ultimate griller/smoker/anything to do with cooking meat and I was pumped to try his ribs. I haven't had ribs in who knows how long, but I wasn't gonna miss out on his famous ones. A couple won't kill you every once in a blue moon! We did sneak some laying out time into the afternoon in between all of the cooking and I especially enjoyed the time I got to spend with my family and sisters. We all laid out together like old times. I miss all of us being at home together sometimes. It's so fun to just sit and catch up on everyone's life and of course, watch little Annie run around and play outside. 
How cute is she?!?! Wait til I get some pics of her in her bathing suit...she was absolutely precious! 

After some good sun and water basketball, Ben and I got to working again on dinner for everyone. I was inside working on the Mac and Cheese and Peach Cobbler while he was outside smoking the ribs, chicken and corn on the cob. I cannot believe I didn't get any pictures of dinner. IT WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS!! I will be eating more of those ribs hopefully when we get married. My favorite is the kind of burnt part at the ends...I picked that off of most everyones! Not that Ben and I were really cooking together because we were in separate places, but it was soo fun being the cooks for the day. I can't wait to cook together more often! 

Of course, Monday would not be complete without the Bachelorette! I will give a complete recap later since this is the most monstrous post ever, but Ben and I went back to Denton to watch the show with his family and had a blast. We all picked out our favorites and enjoyed watching Craig M. and Jonathan obsess over each other. Thank goodness Craig went home! 

I'm working on taking more pictures and will hopefully be back more often. I would like to become a good blogger, so hopefully I won't have anymore blogging failures! 

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