Monday, September 20, 2010

Second Time Around Then Back to Real Life

Speaking of real life...apparently I am having a hard time adjusting since I just cannot find enough time to blog. I guess I just haven't really found a way to balance a crazy work schedule, a social life and getting to spend time with my husband when he is in town. Ben's new job requires him to travel quite a bit right now, so when he is here I don't really want to do much else than spend time with him. Then, when he's gone, I try and keep myself busy and obviously neglect the blog. I apologize. I will try and do better about keeping y'all updated on life.

My last post was about our honeymoon in Riviera Maya and after we were home for a day, we left again for Grand Cayman. I know... what a hard life! Ben's parents were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and asked us to join them with Ben's sister and another family. It was amazing!! Here are some pictures of our fabulous time in Grand Cayman at the Ritz. There are also some great pics of the delicious food we ate everyday! After this post I will start informing y'all about my everyday life. There's tons going on so it's not like there is a lack of inspiration. Y'all just stay on me and I will get back to the blog world. ENJOY!

Mango bread...holy yum!

The happy couple!

How adorable are they?!?!

Sweet Tuna!!!!

Yes, I did scuba dive...NBD!!

My big supporter!

2 of my very favorite people!!

The fabulous Keys!!

Beach Bums

Sting Ray City!

At Sunshine Grill...I want to own a place like it! 

I am officially a Clark

The Whole Gang

My amazing meal in Miami

Ben's meal. How cute is their presentation?!?!

Birthday girl on our way back to Dallas. Quick stop at Barton G for dinner...yummm!!

Before I ate way too much of the dessert and felt sick the whole flight home. Oh well it was worth it!