Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valley View, TX

Betcha don't know where that is...unless you're from Denton or another small town around there. Which by the way is one of the many reasons I began to fall for Ben. I loved that he actually knew where my grandparents live! Anyway, Valley View is where I'm off to this morning. It is my grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary and we are throwing them a big (for Valley View) party! I wish all of you could meet my grandparents. Mamaw and Papaw are pretty hysterical. For example, last week was my niece's 1st birthday party and when I asked Mamaw what Papaw did for their anniversary she said, "Nothing. It's just another day." Come to find out my Papaw bought her a new car. Doesn't sound like nothing to me! This is just a small glimpse into how they are. I could spend this whole post telling funny stories about things they've done. Plus, they are sooo cute!! Don't worry I will take a picture of them today (w/ my new camera I bought for this blog!).

I will also take a picture of one of the best places ever....CRACKER BARREL!!! My mom, 2 older sisters (Katie & Christie), and I are all having breakfast there before we set-up for the party. Cracker Barrel always reminds me of vacation. When we would drive to South Carolina or Colorado or wherever we were going, my dad would always make a big pallet in the bag of our van and we would sleep and watch movies the whole trip. We had soo much fun! Anyway, we would stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast when we could and I would always get the pecan pancakes. They are soo good! I'm debating what to get right's between pancakes, oatmeal, and eggs. I'll let you know.

I've gotta run...I'm always running late and I don't want to start the morning off on a bad note. Tonight I'm going to the Shane & Shane concert...woo hoo! Plus, today I got to see Ben!! I'll post tomorrow with pictures and an update on how this fabulous Saturday went. There will be tons of good Mamaw and Papaw stories for sure. Have a fabulous Saturday!!