Monday, April 26, 2010

Showered with Love

Yes, it sounds corny, but that is exactly how I felt this weekend. All weekend I had people around me who I love and who are so supportive of me. I cannot thank everyone enough for how wonderful they made the weekend, especially Ben and my first wedding shower. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!

After my morning class on Friday, Blair and I packed up and headed for Dallas. In order to keep me occupied before my very first  dress fitting, my mom and I went to a fabulous lunch at Highlands Cafe and then she offered to get me a mani/pedi. I think she could tell I was pretty ansy! It was the perfect solution to passing the time. Before I knew it we were on our way to Mockingbird Bridal!

 My mom, Christie (one of my sisters), Blair and Karen (Ben's mom) all met up at the boutique. It was so nice to have so much support and approval. Surprisingly, the dress fit perfectly! All they have to do is hem the bottom...HALLELUJAH! My mom's pocketbook was pretty happy about this too. :) I still absolutely love the dress and just didn't want to take it off. I was super nervous that I wouldn't like it after not seeing it for so long, but I feel positively bridal in it! The rest of the night was filled with family dinner, shopping for a bday present and watching the MAVS (lose). I fell asleep during the game on my parents couch. I know I was tired, but I think it was really because I wanted it to be Saturday so bad.

After a long, beautiful walk around Lake Highlands, I met up with Blair for coffee with our high school Young Life leader, Michelle. Blair and I got to hang out all weekend, but we always love hearing about Michelle's life and telling her about what's going on in ours. It's so weird to think that 4 years have passed since she led us, and so much is going on in all of our lives. I can't wait to see her at the wedding and hopefully we can all hang out when we move back.

Later that afternoon I had the dreaded hair actually went very well and you'll see pictures momentarily. Then it was off to Denton to get ready for our first COUPLE'S SHOWER!!!!!! 

Check out the set-up---

I mean seriously...could our hostesses have done a better job?!?! Everything was soo cute and they incorporated our wedding colors perfectly! The grill up top is where most of the men hung out. They grilled burgers, chicken, bacon-wrapped venison and had fried onion rings and french fries. It was incredible! 

These were the hostesses for the night. They were amazing and I cannot thank them enough! 

We are so blessed by wonderful friends. They are the ones who made the night so special. I think there ended up being about 70 people at the shower and when we were opening presents it was so cool to look up and see everyone who we love. Like I said...I felt completely showered with love. Friends, family, friends of friends, and Ben made me feel so special over the weekend and I could not be more thankful for all that God as blessed me with. 

Here's some candids of the present opening--


Isn't he cute?! I think so!

After all the present opening festivities, they tried to get to me to make a speech, but I kindly passed that one off to Ben. I am not a public speaker! We mingled and hung out for a couple more hours after everything was over and had a blast. I am so excited to continue all of the friendships after Ben and I are married. We have an incredible support system! 

Having a little fun with our new wheelbarrow!! 

My soon-to-be hubby and me!! 

Thank you everyone who made this weekend so amazing!! I love you all!! 

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