Friday, April 23, 2010

Day of the Bear

If you don't or didn't attend Baylor University, you probably don't know what I'm talking about, but I'm about to inform you....

Here at Baylor we have something called Dia del Oso, translated "Day of the Bear." It is a Thursday in April where all classes are cancelled and we celebrate the bear, our mascot. I know, it sounds pretty ridiculous, but it is probably one of the best, if not THE best day, of the school year. The students usually refer to it as "Dia del 10th" because we all congregate along 10th Street for tons of festivities. Anyway, DIA was yesterday and it was fabulous! To top it off, Blair, my best friend from high school, came in from A&M to participate since she's going home with me this weekend.
It's not a party unless there's a goat! 

DIA really starts the night before with a washers tournament out in a huge field. This is what I came upon in my mingling. Can you say RANDOM?!?!

I started off the fabulous day with a fabulous breakfast and morning run before heading out. 

My delicious pancake creation. Egg whites, whole wheat flour, almond milk, baking powder and xanthum gum. 
Oh, and of course, spray butter! 

Anyway, after a morning and majority of the afternoon of DIA festivities, Blair and I decided to run some errands. I finally got a new charger for my camera (HALLELUJAH!), so I can take lots of pictures this weekend, and since Best Buy was having some good movie deals, I bought The Bone Collector. Any reviews? I've heard it's good, plus it's a Denzel movie and Ben is obsessed, so I figured I'd grow our collection. Then, we did a little shopping to see if I could find anything for the shower this weekend. Oh yea, I forgot to mention...Ben and I have our first shower this weekend. We are soo excited!! I shopped all day Wednesday and could not find a thing that I thought was worth my money, but I finally found a really cute, bright skirt at LOFT yesterday. Always a good fall back store. I did a little fashion show for Blair last night and we have a very spring outfit all put together! 

We went back to 10th Street for a little while and mingled after shopping. I love front porch's one of the best pass times ever created. I totally intend to have a wrap around front porch one day and front porch sit all the time. Anywho -- After a long day we were pretty hungry so we headed for some eats. I finally fulfilled my craving for Pei Wei!! Gotta love the kids Honey-Seared Chicken. It's the perfect portion size too. I also finally fulfilled my long-time desire to see The Last Song!! Ohmygoodness, I loved it! I've read the book and of course there are differences, but it's still very well made. I cried! We ended the day with good friends, good conversation, and good froyo. I LOVE DIA!!

Today, I have my first fitting. I am beyond excited!! It will be my first time to try on my wedding dress in MY size! You just don't get the full affect when it's all clipped in different places to fit you. I started off the morning with a hardy breakfast. I want to have lots of energy today and hopefully ZERO bloating. That means NO gum-chewing today! 

Yummy egg whites on a sandwich thin with a juicy orange. 

I'm off to have a great run before heading to Dallas. Don't worry, now that I have my camera back I will be taking TONS of pictures this weekend. None of the dress of course. Ben would totally peak!

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