Friday, April 9, 2010

Clean Up Clean Up

"...everybody everywhere." I'll let you finish, but you know it's gonna be stuck in your head all day now. This was pretty much the theme of my day, and what a coincidence that when I got home from class today this was peeking out of my mailbox-
Can't wait til I get to read this one!!

Today was an extremely fabulous day!! Let's start from the beginning, shall we?!

My morning was started off with a mug of oatmeal before I was off to the gym. I hopped on the treadmill for 25 minutes and then on to the arc trainer for 20 more minutes of cardio. After running a quick errand, I came home to a Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie. SWEET DELICIOUSNESS!! I will never get over how wonderful these creations are! I spared my class and did a quick change of outfit, application of more deo for my b.o, and spritz of perfume before heading off to class. After getting some work accomplished in the lab after class, I ran to the store to grab some cleaning supplies for the Clean Streak I was planning for the afternoon. 

Once I got home I opened all the windows so I could enjoy the bright and beautiful sunshine and got started on the kitchen. This is when I wish I had a screen door to let some of the breeze flow through the house. I guess it's not appropriate to keep the door wide open all day. Many disinfectant wipes, a load of dishes and a lap with the vacuum later, I allowed myself to take a break for lunch. The intense cleaning I was doing made me work up an appetite. 

This might just be my new favorite lunch. Whole wheat bagel with pine nut hummus and cracked-pepper turkey with a dill pickle on the side. It definitely hit the spot. The bagel was extra thick today (extra yummy), so instead of toasting it I had to broil it and it was equally if not more delicious. I finished off the lunch with a good ole' Gala apple. :) 

I'm a picker...meaning I love to pick at my food, ie. pancakes. I love to just pick up my pancakes (no syrup) and tear at them. This is why I generally cut up my apples so I can just pick at each little piece! 

I took the cleaning process room by room so I wouldn't get overwhelmed. I mopped the kitchen after I made lunch and then moved onto the den. After that it was bathroom, bedroom then car. I am now super organized and the whole place is spotless. I LOVE IT!! I have a whole lot of work to do this weekend and I work much better in a tidy environment. When it's messy all I can think about is the mess. Granted, I will probably take my work elsewhere to enjoy the sunshine, but I still like to come home to a clean place. 

I sat down after all the cleaning and began finishing up the save-the-dates. There are only a few more to be sent out and Ben sent me some addresses today so I pounced on the chance to sit down and get that out of the way. Shortly after sitting down, Megan called me and asked me to run some errands. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to hang out with one of my favorite people and get out and enjoy the weather. First stop, Laverty's. This is like a second hand/antique store. I ended up making the first purchase for Ben and my apartment...I will picture it tomorrow. I'm very excited about it! Then, it was off to the flower shop, Sonic and H-E-B. What a wonderful afternoon!!

I had a girl's night out planned for dinner. After some much loved porch fellowship with a bunch or girls, we headed off to Gratziano's for dinner. They changed their menu since the last time I was there, so I was excited to see what was new. While we waited, I ordered a dessert wine (still not sure what it was called), that had pineapple, pear and peach flavors in it. It was SOO good!! I decided on the Shrimp Far Diavolo for dinner. I thought it was just shrimp, but it was a pasta dish which I usually don't order. It ended up being super good. The shrimp were super juicy and the pasta was spicy...just the way I like it! I didn't eat too much of the pasta, but just enough to compliment the shrimp. 

I called it an early night so I could come home and work on a research paper. First, I had to bake some cookies. They were a total success!!

Can you see how fluffy these are?!?!

I saw this recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies made with Applesauce on CNC this morning and immediately wanted to give them a try. OMG--these might be my new favorite chocolate chip cookie. They are soo thick and fluffy. I LOVE THEM!!
This was my set-up as a I settled in with Steel Magnolias to write my research paper. Wow! They were delicious! Best part... they're super low in calories too. Could you ask for more?!?!

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