Monday, March 15, 2010

The Sun'll Come Out...

Monday, March 8th
The sun came out again for our second day on the beach and Monday turned out even better than Sunday...
As you can see we purchased a volleyball for this fabulous day! 

After a good walk with Chelsi and Jenni to Starbucks and back we were quickly on our way to soak in the rays. We were all pretty sure that this would be our last full day of sun (yea I know only day 2 on the beach), so we were determined to get as much vitamin D as possible! I'm pretty sure laying out lasted a whole 10 minutes before we realized that the guys had set up a volleyball net and we wanted to play. Let me just make this clear real quick...I LOVE VOLLEYBALL!! If only I had some action pics. 

We spent the better majority of the afternoon playing/dominating volleyball before we gave the court up to the actual owners. We thought it was the right thing to do...such good samaritans. No big deal--there were still plenty of activities for us to participate in...throwing the football, playing in the water and of course when nothing else....

they were not exactly gentle with me...

Finished!! And then I had to get out...
Kinda hard...
Chelsi decided to help by pulling me, but all it really did was give me an Indian sunburn...worth the picture!

After a good long hard day of playing on the beach we all rested for a bit and decided we would take it easy for dinner. Anyone ever heard of Dewey Destin?!?! AMAZING!! We all stayed pretty gross and headed to this local seafood place for a quick bite to eat. It's tucked back into some trees and on a dirt road so you almost think you're in the wrong part of town, but it is delicious. I wish I would have taken a picture of my food. One of my favorite things to get when I'm at the beach is crab legs. I got a basket of Alaskan Crab and enjoyed every bite and all the work it took to get the meat out of the legs was well worth it. The best part about seafood is you never feel too full when you're done. We were all pretty happy with this meal--
Best part about the beach...NO MAKE-UP!!

Since we still had a little room left we hit up none other than....DIP N DOTS! Where have they gone?!?! Well there's an actual store in Destin and it was yummy! I got a mixture of the sugar-free vanilla and strawberry and loved every spoonful. I wish we had stores in Dallas or Waco instead of having to go to Six Flags or somewhere like that. Actually, sometimes they are in vending machines...weird! They're much better out of a cup from the actual store, but maybe I'm just a snob. Oh well! 

I won't lie, I was completely exhausted after our dinner and ice cream. The sun and volleyball and climbing out of that hole wore me out. Some of our group went out and some of us opted for a night in. I kind of felt like a mom because all I wanted to do when most everyone was gone was clean up the mess. Girls can leave such a mess when they stay together. GROSS!! Plus, being on the beach where you drag sand everywhere doesn't help. After finally talking to my mom and Ben, I popped in The Proposal and cleaned condo. It didn't stay this way for long, but oh made me feel better! 

Speaking of feeling much better--I woke up this morning to a splendid e-mail from one of my professors saying that my test for Thursday was moved back to the next Tuesday....HALLELUJAH!!! This is going to be a killer test and the extra time will definitely help. Plus, I've been in total wedding mode for the past 2 days and being able to get some more done before I break into study mode was great. When I do start studying I will be able to give it my total attention. 

Many great things happened today such as an amazing run....I did the 3-mile challenge from CNC ....beautiful weather...putting money back in the bank (we got our deposit back thank goodness)...and wedding planning, but the best part of today was Vertical. 

Vertical is a Monday night worship service that we just started at Baylor and it is such a blessing. I hadn't been able to make it in the past couple of weeks and oh have I missed it. The Jeff Johnson Band led worship and Afshin Ziafat spoke. Both were incredible tonight. I feel so renewed and like I have just been completely filled up to live a life of joy this week. I can tell it's gonna be a GREAT WEEK!!! 

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