Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beach Bum

 Is what I was made to be! I am fully convinced that the good Lord created me to be on the beach. I mean, I just FIT there!!
We look like we belong there, right?!?!

Jenni and I woke up bright and early on Sunday morning to make sure we had plenty of beach time after our run. The Starbucks was only 2 miles down the road so we ran there and grabbed a water while we chatted it up and caught up on life. Then, we ran back to our place, ate a little breakfast and hit the beach.  We played on the beach pretty much all day long. There was lots of walking up and down the waterline and scoping out all the fellow spring breakers. 

This is us taking a short break from playing. I am actually in my 2nd bathing suit of the day... the other wasn't very condusive to sports so I changed at lunch. 

After a great day on the beach Jenni, Haley, Alyssa and I did another run to the grocery store and walked back. How wonderful is it that you get to be outside all the time?! That is the one thing I for sure want in the place where I spend the rest of my life...I want it to allow me to be outside as much as possible. 

Our guy friends in Destin (from Baylor) were throwing a fellow fraternity brother a birthday party, so our plan was to end up over there. Everyone told me they felt like Mexican food and although I warned them that Mexican food in beach towns is not exactly Tex Mex, they still wanted to go. I found a local Mexican restaurant that was a bit of a hole-in-the-wall. You know it's gonna be interesting when you get lost and call for directions and they say "it's behind the Golden Corral and next to the Burger King." OH MY! It actually ended up being a very very very fun dinner. The food wasn't incredible or anything, but since we were just about the only ones in the place the waiters loved us! 
We convinced them to turn up the music and let us dance!

After a very eventful dinner we went home to play some games. We couldn't be the first ones to the birthday party! We finally made it over to the party (of course we walked) and had a blast! There was lots of singing and dancing and you can never forget...TONS OF LAUGHS!! 

Exhausted from all the dancing
We were the 2 engaged people on the trip...not to each other though. 

The dancing...
and the singing! My Celine Dion performance...I think Hollywood might need me! 

conclusion: The first full day was a TOTAL success!!

Question: What is you favorite Celine Dion song?

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