Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bottomless Pit

Wow--I have been RAVENOUS today! No idea what's going on, but I just can't get enough to eat. It was like my day of food dates, so I met 2 friends for a delicious breakfast at Cafe Cappuccino. Yum!
I didn't actually order a cappuccino, but doesn't this look so good?! (Ps-I am struggling spelling "cappuccino") I am hoping Ben and I get all the fun coffee things that we registered for so I can start making things like this in the morning. I mean doesn't it just seem like your day would be oh so much better with one of these to start it off. Especially in a cute mug like this! I LOVE MUGS!!

Back to food....usually I get an amazing pancake at Cafe Capp., but this morning I decided on scrambled egg beaters and whole wheat toast. This is a normal breakfast for me but it did NOT keep me full for long at all. I ran to Common Grounds (another amazing Waco spot) and grabbed a Guava Pineapple hot tea (soo good!) and was starting to feel the hunger pang. Right when I sat down for class at 9:30 (an hour after finishing breakfast) I was feelin the rumblies. Luckily I packed a snack in between breakfast and class, so as soon as I sat down at my 11 o'clock, I broke out an enormous bag of chopped apple. This only satisfied me for about 45 minutes. By the time class got out I was ready to break out the saltines with peanut butter. I don't have a lunch break, so snacking is about all I get to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I LOVE saltines with pb!! To me, with something on the side, this is a good lunch, but I didn't have time to eat my orange before the 12:30 class started. Thank goodness we got out of class a little early...right when I got back to the business school, I broke out my orange and scarfed it down. Of course, I was hungry again about 20 minutes into my 2 o'clock class. I drank lots of water hoping it would keep me filled until class got out, but all it did was make me have to leave class to go to the bathroom. I tore the wrapper off of my Luna Dark Chocolate Cherry and Almond protein bar as soon as my professor finished lecturing. I tried to savor it a bit, but it was gone by the time my 3:30 class started. After class I was actually still pretty satisfied, so I got in a good work out at the SLC. I finished up with the workout about 6:15 and was starving again...AHHH!! Jenni (my maid of honor) and I had planned a dinner date, so after spritzing a bit of perfume, I picked her up and we headed to McAlister's. I don't think I have been there all year, but it has changed quite a bit and I give my approval. I had a delicious chicken sandwich and ordered a side of steamed veggies. I was kind of nervous about the veggies because they usually come out in about a gallon of oil, but I got a perfectly steamed cup of snap peas, broccoli, squash and carrots. YUMMY! Plus, I don't usually like pickles unless they're from the Great Outdoors, but since I was so hungry I tried mine and it was perfection! Just the right crunch! I was still kind of hungry when I got home, so I continued my munching throughout the night to accompany my studying. Obviously none of my meals were huge today because of the busy schedule, but usually I am at least satisfied for a while. Nope, not today! Can't say that I hated getting to snack all day though. :)

OK, so I think it's time to address an issue.....  

WHAT IS HE THINKING?!?!?!?! I just don't understand! Of course, I had seen the tabloids and was aware that he was probably going to pick Vienna, but I was still holding out hope. Omg--who got soo excited when he stopped on the stairs and held Tenley's hand close to his heart? I so thought he was going to change his mind and tell her that he had made a mistake. Then, when he gave Vienna's "promise" ring back...what a tease! I was hoping he just wouldn't choose either. I mean that would have been soo much better than picking Vienna. I won't rag on her anymore, because I don't want to be rude, but lets just say she is not my favorite....at all!

Next-- I so wish that I had time to post everyday and that's where I'm hoping to get one day, but right now I just can't find the time. I do have to tell you though that I was such the DOMESTIC GODDESS yesterday. I am totally ready to be married! :) Do you just ever have those days where you are incredibly productive around the house? That was me yesterday! I had my first class, Aerobic Running, so I got a great workout in, then sent an exciting e-mail out to my bridal party and headed to my other MWF class. After class I ran to HEB to grab some flowers for Chelsi (she's in some of the pics below)...SHE'S GOING TO BE A 2011 SING CHAIR!! I am soo excited for her! Then, I made myself a delicious lunch and got to working on my housework. I spent the afternoon getting laundry done, cleaning and baking cookies. I know this is soo weird, but I LOVE folding laundry! I hate putting it away, but LOVE LOVE LOVE folding it! I totally dropped the ball on taking pictures for this post and I meant to take some of the cookies I baked yesterday, but I'm still learning. I made KISSES for the Bachelor party a bunch of us girls were having. They're almost like shortbread dough chilled and then shaped around a dark chocolate HERSHEY'S KISS. They were the hit of the night! My favorite was my display...I put them in a red heart-shaped cake mold since we were watching the Bachelor. I thought it was only appropriate!

I better get some good rest. I have an Aerobic Running midterm tomorrow and then my mom is coming to town. I CAN'T WAIT!! I love having days with her! I am leaving on Friday for Spring Break (going to Destin!), and I need some beach clothes and need to give her the bridesmaid dress order forms, so she decided she'd make a special trip. It will be a fabulous afternoon filled with lunch, shopping and running errands I'm sure. I am soo ready for Spring Break! Eight girls, including me, are heading to Destin, FL!! I cannot even begin to explain how much I love the beach. I mean Destin is no Hilton Head (my FAVE!), but just being at the beach is soo enough. I am totally in my element when I am there! I love waking up and going running with gorgeous scenery, relaxing and reading great books, getting a tan, going out in the beach towns...I mean it is seriously so different then going out in a non-beach town, and everything else that comes with the beach. I would be soo happy to live by the beach one day. Even if I could just have a house there it would be soo wonderful!! Of course, I would need a HUGE porch! :)
My family and me at Hilton Head, SC a few years back. We all look a bit different, but I just need to reminisce for a bit! 

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