Monday, March 8, 2010

Destin, FL

I LOVE THE BEACH!!! I really think that I could spend the rest of my life living in a beach town. There's no way to describe how wonderful and fun they are. I love the slow pace and the constant access to the outdoors. I could seriously play beach volleyball all day long! I played 2 games today and it felt great. I've done a good bit of laying out and gotten a bit too much sun, but it feels good. We've also played a lot on the beach...volleyball, paddle ball, velcro-catch, football, and today I even got buried. The water is pretty cold, but not too bad. I've gotten in a couple of times and it's pretty refreshing. Well, that is until the wind picks up and I start to freeze from having a wet bathing suit. I haven't gotten to read as much as I usually do, but that's expected when you're with 7 other girls. There has been tons of chatting it up on the beach. I did finish The Atonement Child on the ride here and it was amazing! Definite recommendation.  This is what I wake up to every morning....

Pretty wonderful, huh?! It has been such a fun trip so far. We got here on Friday and immediately after checking out the condo, I sprinted onto the beach and put my toes in the water. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the beach?!?! I'll dedicate an entire post to the trip, but I just wanted to update everyone on where I am and why I haven't made a post lately. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and gets to enjoy a break at some point. We all need them!

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