Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, I'm back a whole lot sooner than I thought I would be. Today is a cold day at the beach. I woke up this morning ready for a good long run. After an apple to tide me over and give me a bit of energy, I took off for a good 6 mile run that ended with a fabulous walk on the beach. I have found a new favorite type of apple...jonagold.
These beauties are delicious! I had to get a variety of apples at the Publix (don't you think this is an unfortunate name for a grocery store?) in Destin. They were all a little picked over. Maybe all the Spring Breakers like apples just as much as I do, so I picked out a few of everything, but these are definitely my favorite! The first 3 miles of my run were great, but coming back was a bit tough. I HATE the wind and I was running against the wind on the way back. I toughed it out though and allowed myself to walk the last bit on the beach. With it being overcast and looking like rain the waves were huge and the sky was a beautiful grey/green. It was soo peaceful and refreshing. I came back and had a wonderful quiet time...why are they so much more wonderful at the beach? Maybe because you're constantly reminded of God's creation and just how great He is. I got to read for a bit and then a few of us decided to try the beach. It had gotten pretty sunny even though the wind was still pretty fierce, but we thought we could tough it out. Nope. We were very wrong! I laid there completely clenched trying to keep myself warm and covered in goosebumps. This is nothing new for me. I'm constantly covered in goosebumps. Not just like normal goosebumps, but humongous ones that everyone feels the need to point out. I am soo cold natured. This has definitely been the case for Spring Break. It's so easy to seperate the locals from the Spring Breakers here. The Spring Breakers are the ones still in shorts or beachy dresses even though it's cold outside and the locals are those in sweats.  After about 5 minutes we called it quits and came inside to relax for a bit. 

Have you ever seen Double Jeopardy? It is such a fantastic movie and I always forget about it. 

Who doesn't love Ashley Judd?!?! She is just soo cute and wonderful!! If you've never seen this movie or forgotten about it, you should go rent it. After we all snuggled up and finished the movie we decided to visit the outlets. This is always dangerous for me. I spent WAY too much last year. JCREW is totally my weakness. I did so well this year! I mean the week isn't over, but I'm crossing my fingers for great weather so we won't have to go back. By the time we left the temperature had dropped a good 5-10 degrees. Of course, this called for a trip to Starbucks for some yummy Vanilla Rooibos tea. This stuff is phenomenal!! 
I'm totally buying a can of these when I get back to Waco. I think the can at Starbucks was only like $6.50...what a good deal!!! There are 15 bags in the can and it costs like $2.50 for one at Starbucks...SOLD!! 

The group is resting up right now before we go out for a good dinner. I LOVE SEAFOOD!! I can't wait for dinner tonight. I'm so excited to give you a recap of the week and tell you about last night's dinner. I don't think I took a picture of my actual meal, but it was delicious. Tonight I'm hoping for the same satisfaction if not better!! I'm hoping I won't be back until Friday when I get back to Waco, but another rainy day could mean another post. Until then....

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