Thursday, March 18, 2010

End with a Bang

Thursday, March 11th
Last day in Destin :( Chelsi and I were up and adam way before everyone, so we decided to test out the weather with a 4 mile walk to Starbucks and back. This is just what I needed to get my legs stretched out after that long run. We went out with fleeces on and had to shed them on the way back. What we thought was gonna be a pretty dreary day looked like it would turn out to be a sunshiney day! Of course, right when we hit the beach the sun went behind the clouds. Boo! We stayed out for about an hour reading and I kept taking my jacket off and then putting it back on. I just wanted to enjoy the beach on the last day whether or not I got a tan or not. The last day means I HAVE to be on the beach!

Well, that didn't last for too long. We all got a bit ansy so we tried The Track. A few of us thought it might be fun to do some go carting. It looked pretty deserted, but we got out and asked if they were open and were when they were, we were then surprised by the high prices. No one thought one ride was worth $10. Does that make us cheap? Oh well...we're college kids! Back home I grabbed a bite to eat and laid on the balcony reading. After about an hour a couple of us decided that we just could NOT waste the last day not on the beach. VOLLEYBALL TIME!!

Who needs the sun to play volleyball?! Julianne, Chelsi and I ended up playing about a dozen games of volleyball. We spent pretty much the whole afternoon out there. Best part---WE BEAT THE REIGNING CHAMPS!! Oh the sweet smell of success! (I'm a bit competitive if I haven't mentioned it yet) The guys on our team were super fun too. We knew all of them and it was good to get to hang out with them before we headed back to school. I did take one out when we were going up for a kill. It ended up being ok and he just had a little battle scar on his nose from his sunglasses...whoops.

The evening plans were a trip to Fudpuckers, O'Guigley's to watch the Baylor/TX bball game and McGuire's for ladies night...sounds like a fabulous night to me!! I was kind of apprehensive about going to Fudpuckers. I guess just from trips to the beach with my family we usually find that these sort of tourist attraction places generally don't have the greatest food and aren't all they're cracked up to be. It was actually a fabulous dinner! I ended up getting the fruit and nut salad accompanied by my big indulgence of the week....a pina colada!
I waited all week for this baby!

The fabulous group!

After Fudpuckers we headed over to O'Guigley's to join all the other Baylor Spring Breakers in Destin for the Baylor v. Texas basketball game. There were soo many people there to support the Baylor Bears! We had soo much fun cheering on our team and chatting it up with all of our friends. The atmosphere was perfect for the last night. 

A team volleybal!!

OK-- so I have to admit something...I am NOT a beer drinker, but have been kind of interested in trying out some fun ones lately. It's really stemmed from my blog reading and seeing so many out there that I never even knew existed. There seem to be some very interesting flavors that I never knew about. Anyway, I decided that in honor of the occasion...watching basketball at a pub, and in honor of Ben..he is a beer drinker, I would get a beer. 

Whoa..this was a beer if I've ever seen one! I got a recommendation for a Blue Moon and was even more interested when I found out it had orange slices in it. Not bad, but I don't think I'll have another. 

My favorite part of Spring Break last year was this pub we found called McGuire's. It was soo much fun and had lots of fun themed nights. We found out that Thursday night was Ladies Night, so we headed over after Baylor beat Texas (saw 'em off!). We were all pretty exhausted and knew we had to get up at 5 the next morning, so we only stayed for half an hour...long enough to consume a very large chocolate brownie with ice cream on top. I didn't partake in this treat because I was stuff from my Blue Moon, but it looked delish. 

Both sides of the booth at McGuire's...what a WONDERFUL trip! I miss living with these girlies! 

Last Spring Break = SUCCESS!!

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