Monday, August 2, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

So last you heard I was super relaxed, but soon after the mani/pedis I got super anxious. I went home and looked at my suitcase and kind of freaked. I had no idea whether I had all the clothes I wanted for the honeymoon and I didn't want to pack too much but I also wanted to make sure that I had absolutely everything. I think all the girls realized I wasn't being myself, so they all went to Starbucks to give me a little time to myself and get me a drink. Aren't they fabulous?!?! 

I inspected my suitcase for the billionth time and took a good long shower and felt much better. IT WAS FINALLY TIME TO GET READY FOR THE REHEARSAL!! Which meant....IT WAS FINALLY TIME TO SEE BEN...THE DAY BEFORE OUR WEDDING!!!!  

I was extra excited about the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for 2 reasons:
#1- My bakery offered to make Ben and I a cake for our rehearsal dinner and I got to design it. Since Ben decided to have chocolate chip cookies and milk for his groom's cake, I thought it would be cool to design a cake specifically for him and have it be a surprise. I could not wait for him to see it!

#2- One of my favorite blogs, Carrots 'N' Cake, had a really cool giveaway earlier in the summer that I decided to enter on a whim. Tina loves the website Rent the Runway and I've always thought it looked like a really good idea. The website offers designer dresses and accessories to rent for a very very discounted price. I entered to win a dress for free...AND I WON!!! The dress that I had my eye on was one that I wanted to wear to the rehearsal dinner and I was soo excited that I got to. It was something I would never have gotten to wear and couldn't wait to put it on for such a special night. 

I cannot tell you how anxious I was on the drive to the rehearsal. I just had that awful feeling that we were never gonna get there and I wanted to get there soo bad. When we got there it was such a relief to finally see all of our closest friends and family and to finally see Ben who I had barely talked to in the previous few days. 
Soo pumped!

I cannot even express how much I love our wedding party. They were/are all so much fun and even though I had to tell them to quiet down a few times, they made everything so special. 

I will admit that I was kind of a stress ball at the rehearsal. Ben and I picked music that we were really excited about and I just wanted to make sure it was perfect. Our wedding party was super loud, so I just had to raise my voice a couple of times and threaten them with dinner to get them to quiet down. :) 

After about 3 run-throughs we finally got to head over to Truluck's in Southlake for for the cake! 

We had our own room at Truluck's and it was absolutely beautiful. The walls were decorated with many many wine bottles and I loved the feel of it. After everyone ordered, I had the waitress tap me on the shoulder and I made an announcement that I had a surprise. I was super nervous about Ben's reaction, but I had nothing to worry about...he loved it! 

The camo/deer hunting cake

Ben is super into hunting and everything that comes with it, so I thought this would be perfect for him. Plus, it would show all of his guy friends that I won't be stealing him and will still support him going to the lease during deer season. :) 

The food and wine and company was absolutely perfect. Ben even put together an amazing slideshow of us. He is so talented! I could not have asked for a better night and everything that everyone said at the end of the night was so sweet and of course made me cry. I absolutely felt like the luckiest girl in the world and was so sad to leave everyone for the next 24 hours...especially Ben. 


Side Note: I will say that at the end of the night Ben leaned over and said..."You're gonna need to wear that dress again when we're married." I told him that it wasn't mine and he remembered that I had rented it and promptly asked..."How much?" haha Needless to say the dress was a HUGE hit when Ben and everyone else. I have gotten almost as many compliments on the rehearsal dress as the wedding dress. Thanks Tina and Rent the Runway!!!!

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