Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She's Getting Married

These are the 3 words my bridal party decided to shout the entire day and night of my Bachelorette party as we walked around the Gaylord Texan. As if my blinking "Bride to Be" pin, Bachelorette sash and Bridal shot glass didn't give me away. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not complaining...I had the best Bachelorette party ever!!

Clearly I had fun!

The whole party was a complete surprise to me. All I was told was to be at my sister's house at noon and they would bring me to all the festivities. I was pleasantly surprised by a day and night at the Gaylord Texan. 

The afternoon started off with some fabulous lounge time by the pool. It was a little cloudy and drizzled off and on but we still had a blast. The Gaylord was so sweet about it being my Bachelorette party. When I arrived I had a sleeping mask already waiting for me and then at the pool the DJ called me over and announced the party to everyone. I was a bit embarrassed, but then they gave me a huge chocolate cake. My bridal party took it from me and ate it up. Gotta love em! 

My wonderful Maid of Honor and me

After the announcement, these little boys (like 10-12 yrs old) kept showing off and bringing me things. One brought me one of those crazy bands that was a heart and then another bought me a cherry coke. They were adorable and so sweet! 

After a couple hours of lounging, the girls told me it was time to go inside. They took me on a stroll through the hotel and surprised me with a massage. It was INCREDIBLE!! I totally fell asleep and twitched! My sister-in-law joined me and the girls brought us champagne and chocolate and white chocolate covered strawberries. MMMMM!! 

We definitely took our time in the spa and enjoyed the steam room, sauna, sleeper room and showers. Yes, I said sleeper room! They have a room with lounge chairs/beds that is very quiet and dark and has a relaxing smell that you can just lay in. OMG it was great! What made it even better was that it started raining outside and you could hear it on the roof. 

The spa was followed with a fun-filled night. We got all dressed and ready and ate dinner at one of the hotel restaurants. The food was good and the people were super entertaining. I must say I did get pretty tired of drunk people coming up and telling me "don't do it." One lady was so drunk and rude that her friend bought our entire table drinks and kept coming and checking on us all night. That was a definite bonus. We had a lot of fun at dinner and of course the girls made me do plenty of embarrassing things. 

Me and all my sisters...we added one!! 
My fabulous bridal party! 

Showin off all the flare! 

After a great dinner and a couple drinks (my new favorite = Wedding Cake Martinis!) we went upstairs to play a few games and eat some cake before heading to Glass Cactus. I absolutely love the Glass Cactus! The live band was great and we had a blast dancing. We started out upstairs and met a group of guys who were celebrating the night before the wedding they were in. It just so happened that their wedding was at the same place as mine, The Piazza. It was so refreshing to hear people say that marriage is awesome and they were so excited for me. We ventured downstairs, front and center and danced all night. I ended up on stage thanks to the girls, but thank goodness they just announced my Bachelorette Party and I didn't have to do anything too embarrassing. 

My Bachelorette Party definitely went down in the books as one of the best nights ever. I am so thankful for such amazing friends. Stay tuned for Saturday's festivities. Those should be up tomorrow, but before I go I just have to show y'all the first meal I cooked as a wife....

Angel Hair with Rosa Sauce

This meal was delicious and was a big hit with Ben. I got the recipe from my Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cooking Light cookbook. It was simple to make and only took about 20-30 minutes. I also discovered that I really like proscuitto. This recipe will be reappearing and maybe when I'm at home and have the recipe I will post it for you. Ben also poured us both a glass of red wine. Dinner #1 = SUCCESS!!

Check out the adorable place mats

Ben and I ran some errands after dinner and Ben suggested Yogurt Story to finish the night. I got a nice big cup of Red Velvet and Birthday Cake. LOVED IT!! I have the best husband EVER!! 

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