Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Terrible, Horrible, Actually Not Too Bad Day

Today started a little rough....lately I haven't been getting much sleep and last night was no exception. I stayed up studying and woke up around 3 or 4 passed out on my binder on the couch. I'm sure it was a sight to see. Needless to say, getting up at 7:30 this morning was not easy. Tuesday/Thursday are pretty long days for me--I go from 9:30 to 5 in class. My first 2 classes of the day were tests and my 3rd was a speech. I won't lie...I did not feel that great going into my tests, but I was keeping Ben's words in mind and was just trying to "chill." I've actually learned that these past 2 semesters have gone better when I'm not totally stressed about school and tests. The mindset of just realizing that it will all be okay has worked very well for me. Anyway, after a quick trip to Common Grounds to grab some much needed coffee, I was ready to face the day. My first test (Negotiations & Conflict Resolutions) really wasn't that bad. I did have a little trouble remaining focused, but for the most part I felt good about it. My second test (Mass Communications) was a breeze. I was in out and out of there in no time. On to my speech...NBD! It was a speech of introduction and the girl I introduced actually loved it and then come to find out, we're neighbors! I was definitely dozing by the end of the class though, and decided that although it is VERY unlike me...I was going to skip my last 2 classes and get a little rest. Thus, the beginning of my not too bad day!

I only ended up taking about a 30 min. nap, but it was very refreshing. I am not a nap taker...I just end up thinking about all the things I could be doing. I followed the nap up with a WONDERFUL workout! My new favorite thing is interval training and I did a hard one today on the elliptical. I went back and forth from hard to medium to very hard to medium resistances and crossramps. I was sweatin like crazy when I left the SLC. Best part of my work out....I finished The Choice by Nicholas Sparks! LOVED IT!! I was sort of disappointed when the book ended, but the Epilogue totally saved it! Then I was off to the good HEB. In Waco we have the ghetto HEB, the even ghettoer HEB, and a couple of good HEBs that are a little bit further away from campus, but soo worth the trip. I had some fabulous purchases...dried organic fruit, almond butter, and dun dun dun dun--A NEW NICHOLAS SPARKS BOOK!!! My new read will be The Last Song. Yes, it has also been made into a movie and has no other than THE Miley Cyrus starring in it! Can't wait! Oh--did I mention that when I went into HEB it was sleating, but when I came out...IT WAS SNOWING!! The day just kept getting better!!

After a little cleaning of my room (it's always a disaster when I have tests), I made a wonderful dinner!
Yumm!! Cream of asparagus soup and chinese coleslaw...Have you ever been to BRIO?! Oh Goodness..It's delightful! I went last summer with my best friend, Jenni, and had their asparagus soup and have been hooked ever since. This was much better than my last at-home try. It was Baxter's organic and even had little pieces of asparagus in it. MMM!! 

Chinese Coleslaw is one of my absolute favorites! My mom makes it at home and it is a staple with all of us girls. It's soo quick and easy. I kind of improvised on this one because I didn't have all the ingredients, but I used slaw mix (just the lettucy stuff), carrots, onions, raw ramon w/ half the packet of seasoning, and vinegar and oil for the dressing. My favorite part of this is the raw's a guilty pleasure! I used to have it as a snack in junior high. I don't think I've ever actually eaten cooked ramon. 

Today turned out to be an absolutely fabulous day! I love it when that happens. The only thing that will make it even better will be a wonderful quiet time before bed. Now I'm going to return my attention to Real Housewives of the OC...another guilty pleasure! Ben is coming to Waco tomorrow...well I hope he gets to. They have gotten 7 inches of snow in the DFW area..WOW!! Let's keep our fingers crossed!! 

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