Monday, February 15, 2010

Love and Shrooms

No, I am not doing drugs, but I have found a new love for mushrooms!! I'll get to this later when I discuss last night's dinner, but first I'll start with the weekend...

Ben got to come to Waco this weekend and because school was cancelled in Denton and he didn't have to teach, he got to come early on Friday! We had a fabulous night on Friday with wonderful friends and good food...well I mostly ate chips and salsa, but that's good food to me! Lets just say that Ben has turned into quite the old man, so it was an early night and he fell asleep around 10. Wow, I know. I'm gonna have to work on this. We celebrated our Valentine's Day on Saturday night since he'd have to go back to Denton on Sunday. We decided no gifts this year with all the engagement, wedding and birthday stuff that has been going on, but we did cook a mean meal together. I've wanted to do this for soo long! We both love cooking and Ben is always cooking for his family, but since I'm not there I feel like I miss out on EVERYTHING!
Can you tell whose is whose? Ok, I'll just tell you...the big one is Ben's and the one next to it (can you see it?) is mine. I have been dying to have Bison since this summer when I read about it in the "Eat Clean Diet." Ben and I went to the HEB in Hewitt (special occasion!) and they had it!! I was soo excited and Ben was super impressed that I was going to eat steak. The meal was kind of my Vday present to him.


Look delicious right?!?! It was soo good and I even threw in a reduced-fat roll (thank you Ben!). I think this is the first steak that I have had since high school and I will be throwing them in a little more frequently then every 4 years. I'm very excited to keep cooking with Ben when we are married!

Now on to the shrooms---every Sunday I have cereal for dinner, Cereal Sunday. Growing up we always had breakfast for dinner on Sundays because it was my mom's night off from cooking and over the past few years I have just become obsessed with cereal. I'm not talking one small bowl of cereal...I'm talking 2 heaping bowls of cereal. It was my treat to myself for working my butt off all week and eating healthy. Well, this Sunday, I decided that I would start making my breakfast for dinner nights a bit more nutritious. Not to mention I was pretty famished from my hard workout right before dinner. So, this Sunday I made a scramble...

MMMMM!! This was soo good. It included: regular egg beaters, egg white beaters, spinach, chopped red onion, and chopped mushrooms with whole wheat toast. I could have made a whole other batch, but that would have defeated the purpose of this nutritious dinner. That doesn't mean I wasn't tempted though...good thing I was out of egg beaters! I have never hated mushrooms, but lately I love them in everything. After I finished this off, I proceeded to get out the raw mushrooms and put a little sea salt on them...DELISH! 

Today has been a pretty successful/productive day. I had a wonderful interval run this morning, went to class (sweaty as usual), got our door fixed (the doorknob came off), had a wonderful afternoon at Barnes & Noble, attended meeting, and made myself a fabulous salad for dinner. I still have Sing which will make it an even more productive day and of course, The Bachelor! So, I'll just get real honest...birth control (yes, I had to start taking it because I will be getting married in July) has made my face errupt with pimples. I HATE it!! Well, I doubt it would be so bad if I wouldn't pick so much, but it's just soo darn tempting. So today I got a little tired of looking at them and decided on this look for Barnes & Noble...

The hat did a good job at hiding my "village" as Ben liked to call it. I will say that due to some heavy application of Neutrogena spot treatment they have faded quite a bit. THANK GOODNESS!!! I decided to get a hot tea while I was at Barnes and was soo excited because I have become newly obsessed with the new Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos tea. Unfortunately, they didn't have it, but I was pleasantly surprised with a Green Cinnamon Spice tea. 
Hot tea has become my thing. I have realized that it's a waste for me to buy coffee because I can only drink about a cup of it and then I either get tired of it or my stomach can tolerate no more. Guess that's probably a good thing considering teas are good for you. Not that coffee is bad, but I feel better with tea.

Lastly, I just had to share the salad that I made for dinner tonight...holy moly...I LOVED it!!
This was absolutely heaven! My plan was to do this post while I ate my salad, but nothing got done. I devoured this sucker! It is spinach, red onion, pecans, almonds, craisins, raw ramon and the secret ingredient...a Just for One package of broccoli w/ cheese sauce...sooo good!! This will be a frequent meal for me from now on! 

I should probably get some homework done before I dance my little heart out at Sing! I can't believe it's this weekend!!! 

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