Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Crazy Life

Before I get to the crazy life I'm living, I have GOT to share my new favorite breakfast with you....

Pumpkin Yogurt with Cheerios

I am absolutely obsessed with this creation. It is soo yummy and soo easy. I just add a spoonful of pumpkin to my yogurt and a little less than 1/2 a cup of cheerios. Why are the original Cheerios soo yummy?! I am always jealous of the little kids in Sunday school class that get to munch on them all the time. ha I'm pathetic!! Anyway, I love love love this breakfast for many reasons, but especially because it tricks me into believing that it is actually Fall. It is October right?? 

Now for the news you've been waiting for....Announcement #1- I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!! Do not think that because I am super excited that I didn't like my old job. I absolutely LOVED my job. It was a very hard decision to leave, but I felt like this is an opportunity that I cannot pass up. 

My new desk with the beautiful flowers my fabulous husband sent me! 
Me (looking a tad greasy) after the flowers made my day!

So I'm guessing you're wanting the story... Well, one of my best friends works for Genesco Sports Enterprises, a sports marketing consulting agency that works with sports sponsorships and creates effective activation strategies, and she mentioned that she would definitely need me to help for the Super Bowl this year. I know that might have been a pretty confusing explanation, but essentially they have clients like Gatorade, PepsiCo, FritoLay, Motorola, etc. and they handle their hospitality and how they are going to really use their sponsorships. I was soo excited that Brittany wanted me to help her with the Super Bowl since I have been very interested in Genesco since I started at Baylor. I thought it would be an opportunity that could really open doors. 

Less than a week later, Brittany's boss called me asking to set up an interview because she wanted me to possibly start at the end of October and work all the way through the Super Bowl. Holy Cow!! I was super excited! My interview was fabulous and she offered me the job while we were there. The only problem was that I loved my job and I didn't know if I could leave everyone at the bakery. After many many tears, prayers and discussions with Ben, my family and my boss, I decided to take the position.

I have been going back and forth for the past 2 weeks from Genesco and the bakery, but will start full-time at Genesco on November 1st. I am working on the Verizon Wireless account which just so happens to be the same account Brittany handles. How fabulous is that?!?! It's kind of hard to explain all that I will be doing, but basically we are event planning for the week Verizon will be in town for the Super Bowl and then I will be working the week of the Super Bowl as well. I will actually  move into the hotel for a week to make sure everything runs smoothly. I am soo soo excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to jump in full force!! A couple other added bonuses of the job are that I get to take an hour and a half lunch and I usually take this opportunity to take about a 2 mile walk and enjoy the sunshine AND that I get to work with one of my best friends!! It is soo nice to see a familiar face everyday! 

Brittany and me

In other breaking news....NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!! But, my oldest sister is about 4 months along and announced on Tuesday that....

That's looks like our clan is going to remain one dominated by girls for a while! Ohmygoodness, I cannot wait for the little nugget to get here! I was still at Baylor when Annie was born (although I came in for the delivery) and with all the craziness (school, graduating, getting married, starting a job and getting settled) I feel like I still haven't had enough time with her. :( That is NOT going to happen this time around. Since I am now in Uptown Dallas for work, I will take full advantage of my close proximity to my nieces. I think one of the most fun things is to think about what she will look like and what her personality will be like. I mean have you seen Annie?!?! She could not be more adorable or more fun!!!

I could post a bajillion pictures, but I'll leave you with those. This little one just makes me smile and I cannot wait for another one to bring even more joy to our lives! 

Life really is crazy these days....God has such great plans and he just keeps surprising me. Stay tuned for all the other crazy things going on...they are never lacking. 

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  1. Congrats on the new job Natalie! So fun that you get to go to the superbowl! Wow! :)