Saturday, October 2, 2010


Since I've finally updated you on what went on in my life the past few months, lets get you all caught up on what I am up to now. LETS PLAY CATCH UP!!

Now that Ben and I are back for good and have no more vacations in our near future, we are adjusting to real life. Things are busy busy busy! One of my friends asked me, "What do y'all do? Watch tv? Are you bored?" haha I informed her that we haven't had too much time to just sit down and watch tv. I mean of course we make time for the important shows like Flipping Out, The Rachel Zoe Project and now the best one on tv...AMAZING RACE. It has been quite fun getting Ben into these shows. I do endure the occasional Outdoor Channel show and we have been watching many many football and baseball games, but this is when we do have time to just sit down and relax.

Other activities in the life of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Clark include:

Enjoying friends and celebrating with them, attending weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, visiting friends, getting involved with our church, seeing family, becoming active in new business ventures, watching lots of football and enjoying being husband and wife.

I had to wear the kiddie shows...embarrassing. 
All the boys celebrating Chris's birthday at the bowling alley! 
Pretty sure he beat me! 

We also got to go to the Brad Paisley concert with some friends. Ben is absolutely obsessed with Brad Paisley and he was in complete awe the entire show. It was a lot of fun to hear him live and I totally cried when he played "She's Everything," the song Ben and I danced to at our wedding. We also saw a lot, I mean a lot, of interesting people at the concert. What are parents thinking letting their kids out of the house in some of the clothes they wear? I mean holy moly...a bikini is not appropriate for a concert! 

OH, and Darius Rucker became my new favorite person to see in concert!!

Jenni got to come too!!!
Dear Brad, We Love You!!

We also both got to be in 2 of our very best friend's wedding. Colby was one of Ben's fraternity brothers and roommates and Emily was my roommate senior year. They were each in our wedding and we got to be in their big day too! 

The newlyweds! 
I got a little sweaty on the dance floor! 
At the rehearsal was soo fun getting to reunite with so many Baylor friends!
Holy Moly, we were an old married couple at the wedding! :) 
Frat Bros

A couple weeks later we got the chance to celebrate Jason's (our Dupree!) graduation. He is now a Baylor GRAD!!! We had soo much fun celebrating with friends and I even got the honor of designing his cake! 

The whole crew
Jason with his parents and the cake! I adore this sweet family! 

Not pictured is the never ending game of corn hole we all played. It was a 3 hour tournament! Lots of bean bag throwing and lots of beer. 

In my world....I have been designing lots and lots and lots of cakes. I love my job!! I recently took over all of our corporate and non-profit work as well as the e-mails and am still doing the wedding and sales consulting, delivery coordinating and overseeing baking I was previously doing. It took me a couple of weeks to adjust to all of the added responsibility, but I have developed a good routine and now have a pretty good system going. I love being busy and getting to make people happy all day! Here are some recent cakes! 

Little kids birthday party cake. Theme = farm animals
My favorite: FANCY NANCY cake! 
Day at the ballpark cake
Cargo pants cake
Speed boat cake
30th birthday cake
Tennis racket cake...there were tennis ball cupcakes to go with
Baby shower cake
For a 1st birthday
Another 30th birthday cake!

Like I job is fabulous!! Anywho...I also got to take a trip to The Woodlands to enjoy a weekend at the lake with some of my best friends. 


Just catching some air
There was lots and lots of tubing followed by some very sore bodies! 

Lately, our weekends have been consumed mostly by football. The Cowboys and Baylor Bears are our teams and we were even able to go to the Baylor vs TCU game in Ft. Worth a couple weekends ago. The Bears totally got their butts kicked, but we enjoyed some yummy food and margs at Joe T. Garcia's afterwards. YUMMM!!!!

Some of my favorite girlies from Baylor were able to come up for the day! 
Best friends since 9th grade!
They love me! 

And of course, we enjoyed another Baylor wedding. I cannot even tell you how many we have been to in the past 2 years. Holy Moly!!

We love to dance!!

Things seem to be somewhat settling down. We are still busy with work and friends and I am training for a 1/2 Marathon in December, but we have found we have more nights to spend together and I am getting to cook a lot more. Of course, I am loving that I get to experiment with new recipes and have friends over to the apartment for dinner. The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the past week and I am enjoying every second of it. It's just that season where things are slowing down and I intend on soaking up every bit of it! 

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